Round 1 Reserves


What a fantastic start to the season for all teams on Sunday! Despite the terrible postage stamp pitch, it didn’t stop the reserves trying to play some good football. Despite a few hair raising moments when Russell Pomery forgot he was a goalkeeper and tried to switch the play, it showed we are willing to play the ball out from the back, rather than just hoof it clear. The results weren’t there in pre-season, however what we were trying to achieve each week certainly was. I’ve spoken on match days about finding something to work on, and making sure we improve it, and each pre-season game we achieved that.

Sunday saw us playing three players who hadn’t played with the squad up till now, and all three, Mike Hawkins, Fabian Feo and Jordan Rose were fantastic, they all slotted into their positions and made sure our structure was maintained. The match started with great intensity, and realistically we could have been 3 or 4 nil up inside 10 minutes. One thing that was mentioned countless times on the touchline was our ability to attack with speed, at times we had 6 or 7 pushing on in a counter attack, and just as soon as we lost the ball, we had those players tracking back, hungry to win the ball back and go again.

Ryan Thurston & Stuart Grant were fantastic up front, holding the ball up well, creating chances with runs off the ball, and leaving space for the likes of Dan Blacklock, Jordan Rose & Craig Gibbons to run into. Craig Gibbons and Matt Robinson controlled the midfield and both were unlucky not to score with a couple of good chances. The defence was solid, as previously mentioned we played with two new lads at the back and they both certainly helped Dwayne Baxter & Stephen Whitaker in shoring up the defence. Special mention also goes to Russell Pomery who played in goals, providing a calming influence at the back in the absence of Shannon.

Goals went to Ryan Thurston who scored a brace, Jordan Rose and Stuart Grant with one each and an own goal. All in all a fantastic performance, and looking to continue that into Round 2.