Round 1 O/35's


After a torrid pre season the over 35s finally got to take to the park for points in a local derby against Westies. After absorbing a little bit of pressure in the first few minutesthe ball was pushed down the line to Keith Fleming who bravely took on ex Easties Keeper Richard Watkins, the ball was then centred to Andy Cullen who had no trouble slotting the ball into the back of the net to give the old boys the early advantage 1 – 0.

The remainder of the first half was reasonably even with both teams having plenty of ball. Special mention in the first half goes to Big Marty V who resembled Eugene Galekovic with some diving saves.

At half time after some humorous banter the old boys realized that they were in serious trouble as pint size Callum Magill had failed in his duties to bring the water to the game. The old boys need refreshment like a car needs oil.

Seriously dehydrated the old boys took to the pitch, from the kick off you could tell the well oiled machine in the first half was starting to struggle. Wave upon wave of Westies attacks where thwarted by a desperate defence and the brilliant hands of Marty. With their bodies over heating it was only a matter of time before Westies managed to equalize from a well taken free kick.

Westies continued to push for a winner with the Easties players on the pitch dehydrating. Magill made a FEW changes and the old boys started to create a few more chances . It looked like if Easties were to win, someone had to step up but we couldn’t call on Josh Avery, the star performer from last season, as he had left us to be a trainer for the Skillaroos. Surely the answer was the talented and athletic linesman on the other side of the pitch who was itching to get on & make the difference to perhaps score the winner but again pint size Magill had failed to take any action and the game finished with a respectable, but lucky 1-1 draw.

We can only hope that Magill thinks about his inactions from this Sunday whilst munching on his Scotch Fingers and drinking his coffee during the week so he can make some better decisions in the weeks to come if given the opportunity.